• Nog meer T & T nieuws voor 2011 de SSS!

    September 16, 2011

    Eerst maar het nieuws, de nieuwe T & T Salmon & Steelhead.

    New for 2012 Season

    Thomas & Thomas SSS Freshwater Rods

    9’6”, 4-Piece, 7 and 8 wt, Moderate/Fast Action

    With two handed and switch rods seemingly ubiquitous on many of the most famous salmon and steelhead rivers, at times it seems as though single-hander’s have been forgotten. That is not the case here at Thomas & Thomas. The introduction of the Salmon & Steelhead Specials (SSS) ensures that fans of single-handed rods are equally well served by two great new rods.

    The new SSS rods are designed to offer salmon and steelhead anglers the ultimate balance of sensitivity and fish fighting prowess. These rods offer a moderate / fast action. In angling terms this means they have the power to deliver long-range casts when needed but are optimized for fishing at more moderate distances. These rods are deadly accurate for dry fly work and perfectly capable of lifting a long line off the water as you step and swing flies through holding water.

    The SSS is exactly as described – a special tool with maximum feel for the pursuit of majestic, migratory fish.

    The Technical Take

    The introduction of the Thomas & Thomas SSS means we now offer a much demanded 9’6” salmon and steelhead rod in a 4-piece configuration. These rods feature the latest in graphite and resin technology including our famous Bi-Angular Fiber Technology (BAFT). This technology has won many fans in recent years, for the way it magnifies line feel throughout the cast. This enables experienced anglers to feel the rod load and intuitively step on the power at the crucial split second. The result is beautifully tight loops whether you are fishing the near or the far bank.

    The Truth

    To our mind 9’6” rods are the optimum length for salmon and steelhead and we really should have offered this length in a 4-piece some time ago.

    The SSS is a rod befitting of the famous rivers of the world. Finished to our usual exacting standards – why would you take anything less to places as stunning as the Pacific North West, Maritime Canada and Russia’s Kola peninsular?

    That’s the truth. And if you frequently travel in search of silver, the SSS should be ‘the salmon and steelhead rods you eventually own’.

    Tot zover de nieuwe SSS ;-) prijzen staan al bij de hengel in de webshop!

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