• Bug Bond "Best Fly Fishing Innovation"

    December 21, 2011
    Bug Bond is inmiddels bekend, en zeer geliefd, bij een sterk groeiende groep vliegbinders. En omdat wij de markt constant volgen heeft Pro-Flyshop op verzoek van veel Belgische vliegbinders het Bug Bond materiaal dus nu ook op voorraad. Bug Bond is een door middel van UV licht uit te harden één componenten resin, en droogt snel en helder op.

    Bug Bond heeft unieke eigenschappen om b.v. "kopjes" te maken op snoekstreames, sandeels en is ook zeergeschikt voor het maken van lijfjes voor b.v. "glass buzzers" en nimfen.

    Bug Bond is verkrijgbaar in 2 varianten, Bug Bond Original en Bug Bond Lite. Bug Bond Lite heeft een lagere viscositeit, kortom vloeibaarder.
    Bug Bond is verkrijgbaar in een "Original" set, in een "Lite" set, losMulti UV ledlampje, losse resin en een losse tip kit.

    The creation of BUG-BOND™ started at the beginning of the 2009 when I was looking for a quicker method of tying flies... pike flies with epoxy heads to be precise.

    My flirtations with epoxy usually left me with more mixed than I needed to and ending up where I didn't want it. You also have to link that with the fact that epoxy needs to be mixed precisely to ensure a perfect cure. BUG-BOND™ has been designed to be optically perfect and when cured correctly to have a tack free surface. Further benefits are that it is resistant to yellowing when exposed to sunlight and also has a degree of flexibility when cured.

    BUG-BOND™ results to date have been excellent and everyone who has used the resin has been impressed... one or two people saw it being used under cover at the British Fly Fair International in 2009.

    Chris Reed soon realised after using BUG-BOND™ that one coat could replace 3 or 4 coats of varnish, saving time (and no drying wheel). The one thing you have to get used to is that it isn't sticky and it doesn't need that much UV light to cure the material.  BUG-BOND™ is available in 2 viscosities BUG-BOND™ Original and the lower visosity version BUG-BOND™ Lite.

    Both versions of BUG-BOND™ (which includes a standard applicator) are supplied in a 20ml bottle. To allow a more precise application of the fluid a BUG-BOND™ Tip Kit is available this includes a replacement bottle top and 5 UV shielded dispensing tips.

    To cure BUG-BOND™ a UV light of a specific wavelength is required. We currently supply a Professional UV powered by a single AA battery and an entry level  Multi-UV LED light powered by 3x AAA batteries.

    UV torches are not  toys. Keep both the torch and BUG-BOND™ away from children.

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